Here is a three minute video walking you through the Closing Tracker step by step.  

Step 1: Click on My CREXi tab in the top navigation bar and select Closing to open the Closing Portal. Properties will appear in the portal once you change the status of a listing to under contract, contract pending, or closed.

Step 2:  Click on a property in the Closing Tracker to open the Closing Dashboard.

  • Click the Timeline Bar at the top displays milestones with date and title.Click Manage Timeline to customize your critical dates timeline bar.
  • The Closing Checklist tracks all tasks displaying creator and task status.
  • Comments can be added and viewed by any of the Closing Parties.
  • The Closing Parties are managed on the right-hand side.Selecting the Add Closing Party button on the bottom will trigger the invite modal with an email input field and closing role drop down option.

Step 3: The Due Diligence documents added to the property listing will appear in the Due Diligence tab under the Closing drop down.  Closing Documents are located below and are displayed the same way as in the due diligence vault.

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