Send a clean and trackable HTML email to your database in just a few clicks. Using this feature allows you to not only track the success of the campaign, but capture their activity in your property dashboard as well.

  1. Go to MY CREXi tab on top of page.
  2. Select MARKETING Tab on left side of page and choose Campaigns.

3. Select CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN at top right of Marketing Page.

4. NEW MARKETING CAMPAIGN window will pop up.

5. Select the Properties you would like to send out.

6. Add Recipients by copying and pasting up to 50,000 names from an excel document or uploading CSV file.  Make sure to SAVE your list for next time!

7. Customize your campaign message -> SEND

8. Head BACK TO ALL CAMPAIGNS to download the tracking report for the e-blast you just sent out.
9. You can use the Scheduling tool to post date a campaign to send in the future. 

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