The lead portal (located on the left side of your Property Dashboard) automatically stores a detailed profile including Contact Info, Activity, and Location of all buyers who showed interest in your properties. No need to copy and past into an Excel spreadsheet or Outlook, the Lead Portal alleviates the need for time consuming data entry. The lead drawer also contains CRM tools such as Note Taking, Ranking System, Follow-Up Reminders, Messaging, and more. Welcome to the future to of contact management. 

CREXi fills your lead portal with digital business cards that contain contact information and important information such as their level of interest and a link to view their activity. You can also download their vCard or message the buyer by clicking the folder icon.

Click on a digital business card to reveal a detailed profile of the user that includes industry role, location and CRM buyer evaluation tools. You can also collaborate with team members by entering notes in the Notes tab.

Easily filter through your digital rolodex by properties, buyers or activities performed.

You can also contact all or a group of your buyers by clicking contact leads. This allows you to easily contact a group of buyers and even attach documents just like an email.

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