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Using a Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement
Using a Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement
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Crexi gives you the ability to setup a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement for any offering memorandum or due diligence material. We also give you the ability to set specific requirements for brokers/agents executing these agreements, please see below for more details:

  • No Principal Info - Brokers will be able to execute the agreement with solely their information.

  • Info Optional - An option for brokers to put their principals information will be present but not required.

  • Info Required - The broker will be required to put in their principals contact information to proceed.

  • Principal Confirmation Required - After the broker inputs the required principal information a email confirmation will be sent directly to that principal for them to confirm.


If you have any other questions regarding how to setup a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure on Crexi don't hesitate to reach out to or call us direct at 888.273.0423.

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