Crexi Fuse Setup Guide
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We made it easy for you and your teams to get up and running with Crexi Fuse. Follow the steps below to start leveraging the power of Crexi to generate more leads from your own website.

STEP 1: Broker list

Provide your Crexi Customer Success Manager with the list of brokers from your organization that have active for sale and lease listings on Crexi and specify the listings that you would like to feature on your website.

Please make sure the list includes:

First Name

Last Name




Office Address

Real Estate License #

STEP 2: Customize your settings

Let your Customer Success Manager (CSM) what you want to display on your website using Connect. For example, you can choose to :

  • Display or hide an interactive map that shares listing locations

  • Display a logo for your brokerage

  • Display or hide the “sort by” drop down filter to help buyers refine their search

STEP 3: Generate your unique code

Based on your brokers and specified settings, your CSM will generate a unique CREXi Connect embed code for you. Note: you will need separate embed codes for your Sale listings and your Lease listings.

STEP 4: Drop your unique code into your website

You or your website manager can insert the embed code into your website code on the webpage where you would like your listings to display.

STEP 5: You’re done!

Your active listings will automatically populate on your website. Listings will automatically update whenever you make changes to the listing information on


If your listings are not displaying properly on your website, or you encounter any technical issues, feel free to reach out to us at and our Customer Success team will be happy to help you out!

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