What is Crexi Fuse?
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Crexi Fuse Overview

Crexi's Fuse property marketing plugin brings the power of Crexi's revolutionary platform to your very own website. Seamless integration of property listings into your website lets prospective buyers view, search and access detailed listing information without leaving your site.

What Can Fuse Do For Me?

Crexi Fuse doesn’t just amplify the reach of your listings: it boosts your ability to market properties by driving and converting more leads from your own website.

Increase your site’s visibility

Automatic updates to your listings in Crexi keep your site’s content fresh, which could help increase ranking in search results

Provide a seamless experience for buyers.

Integrate your property listings from Crexi into your own website and give buyers the ability to view, search, filter and sort your listings without ever leaving your site.

Manage all your property marketing from one platform

Crexi Fuse taps into Crexi's reporting capabilities by allowing you to track activity and engagement on your listings using Crexi's marketing dashboards.

What Features Does Fuse Have?

Crexi Fuse boosts the property marketing capability of your website by allowing you to integrate robust functionality into your own website including the ability to:

  • Create a branded property listing experience on your own website

  • Allow buyers to search using Crexi's advanced filtering and sorting tools

  • Provide detailed property listing pages for each listing on your site

  • Link to OMs and flyers directly from each property listing page

  • Allow buyers to contact you directly from each property listing page

  • Automatic updates to listing content on Crexi whenever changes are made

For pricing information, please reach out to us at support@crexi.com.

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