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Crexi Marketing Portal empowers every member of your to team to send more effective emails, increase deal activity, and garner more connections with prospective buyers. Using this feature allows you to not only track the success of the campaign, but capture invaluable activity in your Property Dashboard as well. Simply navigate to My Crexi, then My Listings, then Email Campaigns. And click create marketing campaign to get started.

Choose up to 12 properties to include in an email campaign. Crexi automatically populates the email with all the information from the listing page. You can preview the email in desktop form or view how it appears on a smart phone. Or send yourself a test email. Crexi gives you multiple template options and allows you to customize your email’s design, or use a template of your own. Choose how many brokers you want to include on the signature. Load your contacts’ email addresses in the dialog box or via an Excel spreadsheet. You can access a previous contact list or create a new one.

Add custom message to the email to give personal touch. You can also edit the subject to add any nuances you so choose. Set it up so your email goes out immediately or schedule it to be sent at a later date. Use the Campaigns page to track your stats. Once your email is sent you will see the results update in real time. CREXi allows you to manage your contact lists seamlessly including the ability to share your list at your discretion.

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