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Lead Reporting Walkthrough
Lead Reporting Walkthrough
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Get the most detailed information on interested investors using Crexi's Lead Reporting. To access, navigate to the My Crexi page and then click on My Listings to get to your listings. From there, click into the property dashboard. Understand your potential buyers better with our Lead Drawer feature. Simply click on a lead’s name in your activity feed to open the drawer that will detail all their relevant information.

Acquire their contact information, understand the background of their buying power and see any of their activity with your listings. You can even message them directly through the platform with the messaging function.

Download a lead report to get a summary of all the investors who have engaged with your listing. Lead reports deliver a broker branded summary of every contact who has interacted with your listing. Understand how many buy actions have been performed and when. You can also download links to all of your electronically executed CA’s. You can view the success of your marketing campaigns and how many offers you have received

Access a similar report, except for all of your listings on Crexi, from your dispositions page. Your Master Lead Report will summarize all the investor information for every lead generated on Crexi. Help build your network with our robust reporting capabilities.

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