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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
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Q) How do I add a non-forward facing team member such as a broker coordinator or broker aide to a listing in order to ensure they get notifications on the property?

A) Please email our support team at and they will add the team member.

Q) How do I access a private listing?

A) Please contact the broker directly with the information provided on the listing. Once the broker approves your credentials he will make the information public to you.

Q) How can I contact the broker

A) We strongly encourage to message the broker through our portal by clicking on the “Envelope” icon next to the brokers photo on the property page. We’ve found brokers response time is much quicker via our messaging portal than phone as brokers are always on the go.

Q) How do I report misuse of the platform?

A) Please report any misuse or violation of the platform to

Q) What is the difference between Page Views & Visitors?

A) A Page View is a view from any person who looks at your page. A visitor is a person who has a CREXi account that visits your page.

Q) What is the difference between Tier 1 & Tier 2 in the Due Diligence Vault?

A) Documents that are placed in a Tier-1 Due Diligence vault require the execution of a Confidentiality Agreement (“CA”) for access. Documents and folders placed in the Tier-2 vault are intended to have an added layer of security and require the execution of a CA in addition to required Broker approval for access.

Q) How do I delete my account?

A) If you would like to delete your account please contact our support team at

Q) How do I unsubscribe from emails?

A) At the footer of each email you will find links to Reduce Email Frequency, Adjust Email Settings or Unsubscribe altogether. If you choose to Unsubscribe and are still receiving emails please reach out to us at

Q) If I update the status to Listing Expired, No Longer For Sale or Hold; who is able to see it?

A) Only individuals associated to the listing (listing brokers & administrators). We’ve done this so you’re able to go back and pull information from past deals at a later time.

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