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Managing and Creating Highest & Best Offers
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You have selected to collect and manage offers in our Traditional Best & Final arena. Below are some helpful tips and guidelines on how to maximize efficiency throughout this process.

Traditional Best & Finals are private and invite only. Only buyers you invite can submit offers during the best & final window. Make sure you go to the Buyers tab of your Best & Final screen to send invites and manage buyers who requested to participate in your Best & Final.

#1 Go to My Crexi then select My Listings tab on top of page.

#2 Update Status of the listing.

#3 Choose Best & Final in the dropdown.

#4 Choose the final date and time for offers. You may go back and extend the time or change the date within the property dashboard overview.

#5 Traditional Best & Final allows you to gather, evaluate and manage offers as they are submitted. No offers submitted are displayed to users on CREXI or buyers you have invited. This is very similar to how you would conduct a traditional process but CREXI has built technology to streamline and simplify the process.

#6 All previous offers and new offers will appear in the Offers tab on your Best & Final Dashboard.

#7 Participants are all Buyers who have submitted an Offer. You may also Manage Buyers or Invite New Buyers.

#8 Tools - Invite Buyers, Contact Buyers or update listing Status under Settings.

#9 The Offers section allows you to view, counter, and decline all offers made on your listing in real time.

#9a If an Offer meets the expectations of the seller click the green check icon on the offer to move it to the highest and best position.

Note: No pricing is shared with buyers. Only the buyer with the offer in the highest position is aware that their offer is currently in the highest position.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at or 888.273.0423.

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