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The "My Listings" Dashboard is a broker and seller tool used to track and manage buyer activity on all of your listings by offering advanced data and analytics that can be consolidated into easy-to-understand reports. We have one dashboard for sales and one dashboard for lease.

To access a listing’s Property Dashboard, hover over your name in the top right corner and then click the "My Listings" tab on the dropdown menu.

On your My Listings page, you’ll see all the properties you have listed on Crexi and a general overview of Recent Activity for each listing.

For a more detailed look at a listing’s activity, click on a specific property and you’ll be redirected to its Property Overview.

From a listing’s Property Dashboard, you can accomplish a number of useful actions:

IMPROVE SEARCH SCORE - Update as much information as possible on your listing in order to increase your search score and appear higher in searches.

UPDATE STATUS - Update the status of your listings, such as, converting from Active to Under Contract.

EDIT PROPERTY - Update and manage property details such as price, investment highlights, or upload new photos or documents.

MARKETING CAMPAIGN - Create and send an email marketing campaign for a listing through the Marketing Portal.

DIRECT LINKS - Access direct links for the property listing, such as, the Listing Page, Download Offering Memorandum, and Due Diligence Vault to share directly or to embed in your marketing mediums.

MORE button (top right of page) - A drop down menu will appear and you can choose to Share Dashboard, Send E-Blast, Download a Property Report or Contact Leads.

  • Share Dashboard - Share dashboard access to clients or teammates by entering their emails in the space below.

  • View Property - View your listing page

  • Share DD Vault - Grant automatic access with no CA required by sharing the Due Diligence Link with an email list or manually enter the email addresses.

  • Lead Report (PRO Users) - Download a lead report for the listing which captures all of your leads and their contact information.

  • Contact Leads (PRO Users) - Select any or all leads you wish to contact with any new relevant information on the property.

OFFERS - Request, Add & Counter offers from your dashboard. You can also Start a Best & Final.

LEADS - Click on LEADS on the left sidebar to see a list of all the leads that have interacted with your property.

  • By clicking on the name of any Lead Name, you can view contact details, their activity feed, messages exchanged, and evaluate each buyer based on your interactions. This pop-up module will give you access to all of the lead's information.

  • Message, vCard, Set Reminder - Message the lead directly, download their vCARD, or set a reminder to follow-up

  • Buyer Evaluation - Evaluate the buyer based on Rank, Funds and Assets Under Management

  • Activity Feed - See all of the activity of the buyer in relation to your property

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