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Virtual Tours
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This feature is a way for you to showcase your listings to potential buyers and tenants who aren’t able to physically tour your property or space. You can enable this feature when you first build your listing or when you edit any of your existing listings. When someone requests a virtual tour from your listing’s page, you will receive an email notification with their contact information so that you can send them a video or schedule a virtual tour using a video conference platform of your choice.


When adding or editing a listing, go to the step for Photos & Videos. There is a section underneath the Media Gallery where you can enable Virtual Tours for your listing. This feature needs to be toggled on manually for each listing you want Virtual Tours enabled.

How do I request a Virtual Tour?


If a broker has enabled Virtual Tours for their listing, a section will show up below the asking price where you can request an in-person or virtual tour. Clicking this button will open up a window where you can customize a message to send to the listing broker. They will be notified of your message and should reach out to you to schedule your in-person or virtual tour.

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