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Tips for a Successful Auction Sale
Tips for a Successful Auction Sale
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1) Create a Crexi account and get to know the property dashboard.

2) Collect all the proper due diligence materials, photos, videos, and virtual tours for your property, as you normally would. You are able to load these materials to the site yourself, or send on over to your assigned Crexi Auction representative to assist.

3) Weekly calls will be set up to discuss all auction registration activity, marketing updates and pending items needed for the sale. The property dashboard will also always be available and instantly updated to provide your lead management and marketing statistics.

4) Market the property as you normally would. With Crexi working in tandem, we are sure to cast a wide net to potential leads, with the ultimate goal of having numerous bidders show up on auction day.

5) While you should be as transparent as possible about the property itself, hold pricing details close to the chest.

6) Review and understand the Auction Terms & Conditions as well as the purchase documents. Ensure the seller and potentials buyers review these items too.

7) Divide and conquer the leads list with the Crexi Auction representative.

8) Make sure you and your client are available and prepared for the auction event. Purchase documents will be circulated immediately after the auction sale, and all parties should be ready and able to sign immediately.

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