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How to Register for an Auction
How to Register for an Auction
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Please email if you need additional help with registration.

Auction registration is a required step in order to place a bid and buy an auction property. In order to begin registration, please hit the “Register to Bid” button for each property you intend to bid on. During your registration you have to ability to upload documents, this allows you to upload you Proof of Funds. Please note that Proof of Funds are required to become fully approved to bid.

1.) Proof of Funds. The required liquid funds (or lending term sheet), should be greater or equal to your maximum bid you are willing to place for each property. If you are bidding on multiple properties in this event, the balance must be greater or equal to the aggregate max bid amount. The following forms of Proof of Funds are acceptable:

  • Bank Account Statement(s)

  • Financial Institution Letter

  • Lender Term Sheet

  • International Funds currently held in escrow

  • 1031 Exchange

2.) Participation Deposit. Each property has a posted Participation Deposit amount. If you are bidding on multiple properties in this event, the bid deposit must be greater or equal to the aggregate bid deposit amount for each property, please refer to the listing page for exact amounts. You can submit your Participation Deposit by completing the Bid Deposit Credit Card Authorization Agreement that has been sent to you via DocuSign from CREXi Contracts. If you are deemed the Successful Bidder, your Participation Deposit will not be applied towards the Earnest Money Deposit, you will be required to wire the Earnest Money Deposit to escrow according to the terms within the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Please complete the steps above to submit your registration. Crexi Auction team members will review your submission and you will receive a notification when you are formally approved. We look forward to your participation!

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