This powerful tool allows you to customize your pipeline in order to prioritize and manage listings in pursuit.

Track the probability, commission and expenses to forecast your earnings in a neat, futuristic stats dashboard that includes:

  • Total Pipeline Value
  • Total Commission
  • Total Pursuits
  • Total Pursuits Converted
  • As you can see from the walk-thru below, you simply add pursuits by inputting the basic property details for potential deals and use CREXi’s CRM to track progress of all of your potential listings.
  • Easily move prospects by simple drag-and-drop to efficiently structure and identify deals you need to focus on each day as well as predict how much business you’re likely to close in the coming months.
  • Define and create multiple pipelines, each with relevant deal stages that’s specific to your sales strategy and accurately capture the progress of your deals.
  • You can change the probability of pursuit by clicking directly on a pursuit’s probability status, found on the bottom right side of the pursuit’s card. 
  • This will trigger a dropdown that allows you to change the status of a pursuit without having to open the pursuit drawer. 
  • Creating different pipelines for your pursuits allows you to effectively prioritize listings to ensure you’re always connecting with valuable prospects and never missing critical listing dates.
  • The share function allows you to invite others to view or edit the pipeline and promote collaboration and maintain one central location for your business development funnel.
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