Store and manage 1,000 MBs of files per listing using our simplified two-tier, drag and drop due diligence vaults.

#1   Tier 1 (CA Required): Upload or drag and drop documents into this vault if you require a confidentiality agreement to access the information.

#2   Tier 2 (Private): Documents and folders in this vault are private. Buyers may not enter this vault without your approval. You can control access to this vault via email or by leveraging your property dashboard.

#3   New Folder -
Manually create and name a folder within the preferred tier.

#4   Upload File - Upload individual files from your file system.

#5   Upload Folder - Select folders containing multiple files to upload (certain browsers only).

#6   Upload Zip Archive - Add a zip archive containing a structured set of files; The files will retain the same structure once the zip file is expanded.

#7   You have the ability to Edit (pencil icon), change the name of the folder, or select/flag the document as the offering memorandum, Delete (trash icon), or Reorder (hamburger icon) by dragging items to the desired location and order.

#8   Edits made to the due diligence vault are not automatically saved. You must click the blue "Save" button after any edits or additions.

If you have any questions please let us know how we can help.

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