CREXi Marketing Portal empowers every member of your to team to send more effective emails, increase deal activity, and garner more connections with prospective buyers. Using this feature allows you to not only track the success of the campaign, but capture invaluable activity in your Property Dashboard as well.

The Marketing Portal gives users the option to upload their own email marketing PDFs/images and the ability to add URL links to the image linking back to either the property listing or due diligence vault.

As an added bonus, you now have the ability to customize the call-to-action buttons to match your brand.

#1    Go to MY CREXi tab on top of page

#2   Select MARKETING Tab on left side of page and choose Campaigns

#3   Select CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN at top right of Marketing Page

#4   New Marketing Campaign
window will pop up where you select the Properties you would like to send out

#5   Choose the type of Design by selecting the new redesigned CREXi template (pictured below) or upload your own design

#6   Customize your campaign by selecting the preferred button/CTA color or enter your own HEX code to abide by corporate branding standards 

  Select the Brokers you'd like to include in your campaign

#8   Select one or more of your email lists or enter the email addresses of the recipients you would like to receive the campaign

*Tip: If you copy and paste the email addresses be sure to store your email list for future campaigns.

  Customize your campaign by entering a subject and message for your clients

  You can use the Scheduling tool to post date a campaign to send in the future

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If you have any questions, please let us know how we can help.

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