All of your listing and lead management dashboards are located MY CREXi portal. Access MY CREXi anytime via the header. 

The Acquisitions dashboard stores all of the properties you are interested in buying. Listings will automatically be saved to Acquisitions when you access information on a property such as an Offering Memorandum, Flyer, Due Diligence vault or Submit an LOI. Listings will also appear in your acquisitions dashboard by saving a listing. 

#1   (x Properties) - The number of properties on your acquisitions dashboard

#2   Export - Download an excel spreadsheet with all of your acquisitions and hyperlinks back to each property on CREXi.

#3   Search Bar
- Filter or Search listings in acquisitions 

#4   Asking Price Status Badges - The status of each listing

#5   Tools

       A.  Contact Broker button - Contact the listing broker
       B.  Share button
- Share this property with clients or peers
       C.  Submit LOI
- Submit a Non-binding LOI or attach your own LOI
       D.  OM
- Download the Offering Memorandum
       E.  My Notes - Enter and save notes that you can reference at any time
       F.   Remove Property - Remove the listing if you are no longer interested
       G.   Save to Board - Organize and share your listings in portfolio-style group

If you have any questions, please let us know how we can help.

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