Upload and manage contacts using the email list portal. These contacts can be easily accessed when creating and sending marketing campaigns. 

Any email information uploaded is not shared or distributed without your consent.

#1    Go to MY CREXi tab on top of page.

#2   Under MARKETING on the left sidebar and choose Email Lists.

#3   Email Lists - The number of lists you have stored.   

#4   Add Emails or Upload Contacts - Select Add Emails to add to an existing list or Upload Contacts to create a new email list.

#5   Add Emails Modal - Create a new email list or add emails to an existing list.
        #5a   Manually enter email list
        #5b   Upload email list as a CSV file

#6   List Name Column - The name of each email list and the date it was created. 

#7   Campaigns Column - Number of campaigns you have sent to this list. 

#8   Emails - Number of emails in this list.

#9   Avg. Delivery Rate, Open Rate, Click Rate and Total Unsubscribes from the list. 

#10   Actions
          #10a   Edit - Click to view email activity details such as each buyers open rates, unsubscribes and clicks.
          #10b   Export - Export the list of emails into excel or CSV.
          #10c   Merge - Merge two email lists into one.
          #10d   Share Access to this list by entering the emails of the team members below. Invitees will have full access to the list including the ability to edit and delete contacts.
          #10e   Delete - Delete the email list. 

If you have any questions, please let us know how we can help.


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