There are many ways to search for the right property for you. Below are some tools to help ensure you find what you are looking for.

1. Quick Search

A. Search Box - Enter a location, property name, broker or keyword. As you type, our smart search suggests keywords you may be looking for.
B. Property Type Dropdown - Select property types
C. Price range dropdown - Enter a price range. 

2. Advanced Search (Filters) - Click MORE to open advanced filters.

3. Saving Searches
A. Save search button-

(Module will open)
B. Search Name - Name your search
C. Notification frequency radios - Set notification frequency
D. Filters - Review search criteria

4. Grid View
A. Upper left X Results
- Number of results based on search criteria
B. Upper right Sort by - Set your sort order by whats trending, new listings, price and more.
C. Star - Click to save the property to your acquisitions page

D. OM/Flyer on Hover - Hovering on a tile allows you to download the OM or Flyer instantly
Property Name - Property Name

5. Map View
A. Geo cluster
- Click on one of the geo clusters to quickly zoom into a market. The number inside the cluster displays the number of properties.
B. Zoom icon on left of map - Zoom in/ Zoom out
C. Map and Satellite - Toggle between map and satellite  view.

D. Radius/Draw feature 

E. Hover on pin - Hover on a property pin to view a summary and download and OM or flyer. 

6. Export Search Results to Excel
A. Run a search
to download results to excel

C. Excel doc opens with all your results - Each property name links back to CREXi.

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