The information below will provide you with a complete overview of the Property Page.

Left Side of the Property Page

1. Request Info - Send a message to broker for more info
2. Printer Icon - Print Page
3. Share Arrow - Share or post the property
4. Star- Save property

5. Gallery- Open Photo Gallery
6. Street View- Street View
7. Map View- Map View

8. Offering Memorandum
9. Due Diligence
10. Submit LOI - Submit an LOI to the broker
11. Listing brokers - Listing brokers
12. Active/CFO/Bnf - Status

Right Side of the Property Page

1. Property Tab
A. Address
B. Property Details
C. Marketing Description
D. Investment Highlights

2. Due Diligence Tab
A. Broker + Principal button - Select your industry role

B. Open confidentiality agreement modal - Digitally execute to confidentiality agreement

C. Due Diligence Vault Views

i. Download button - Download All Files
ii. Download Selected - Download Selected
iii. Tier 1 - Publicly available documents
iv. Tier 2 - Locked filed that require broker approval
v. Request access to tier 2 button - Request Access to Tier 2 documents 


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