Submitting a non-binding Letter of Intent is easy when you utilize the CREXi LOI wizard. Please follow these quick and easy steps and you will be all set to make an offer on the property of your choice.

1. When you are ready to submit a non-binding Letter of Intent please open the step by step LOI wizard located underneath the property photo on the property page.

2. Offer Terms - Enter the price and terms of your offer. Price and phone number are required 

3. Offer Details - (optional)
A. Offer highlights box - Enter offer highlights such as background on your entity or how you intent to fund the purchase.
B. Checked offer contingent box - Check if your offer is contingent upon financing
C. Upload LOI section - Attach your own LOI if necessary 

4. Investor Info - Complete your profile

5. Investor Background - Provide additional details about your power and AUM

6. Review the LOI & Submit

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