#1   The Activity Feed allows you to review real time activity across all of your listings or filter the feed in order to hone in on specific buyers or property activity. It was created so you could view the real time activity of prospective buyers.

Similar to an activity feed on Facebook or LinkedIn the CREXi Activity Feed allows you to view real time activity and react faster as your buyers show interest in your properties. 

#2   Filter your feed by a specific buyer. 

#3   Filter by the activities performed such as LOIs, Executed CAs and Opened OMs. 

#4   Filter by Property.

  • Timestamp (when the user performed the action)
  • User - The buyer who performed the activity. Click on the buyer's avatar or name to open the Lead Drawer.

Click here to learn more about the Lead Drawer

  • The Activity - The activity the buyer performed. Click on the activity to shortcut to the buyer on your property dashboard.
  • Property thumbnail + name - The property where the Activity took place. Click the property photo or name to shortcut to the Property Dashboard.

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