How do I update my Crexi profile: name, photo, industry role, address, bio?

You can edit the information that appears on your Crexi profile. 

  1. Hover over your name in the top right corner and click on "View Profile".
  2. To edit anything on your profile, click the pencil in the top right corner and it will pull up the editing page.Capture.JPG
  3. Once the editing page is pulled up, you will be able to update any information needed. After updating any information, make sure to click on "Update" at the bottom right to save changes.Capture2.JPG
  4. In order to add your office or brokerage, simply put in the address of your office location and it will automatically populate. If your office does not show up in our system, please send an email to and we will make sure it is added for you.
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