Delete a Listing

In order to delete a listing in its entirety you will have to first make the listing no longer available.  Please reference the video here on how to edit a sale listing status to no longer for sale, the video here will show you how to edit your lease listings.

Once you have marked your listing no longer available you will then be able to fully delete.  Please note, once you delete your listing you will lose all lead information.  We recommend for our Pro users to download their lead reports before doing so.  Follow the next steps to fully delete your listing(s):

  1.  Hover over My Crexi and select either Sale Tools or Lease Tools
  2.  Go to the Actions column and click on "..."
  3.  Select Remove Property 
  4.  Confirm the full deletion of all data and the listing



Feel free to reach out to if you need any assistance. 

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